about me

Hi, my name is Tobias; I am a Security Engineer / Cryptographer at Samsung working on cryptographic protocols, real world issues when instantiating crypto schemes, verification & automated tooling and lot's of other cool stuff. I used to be a PhD student at UC Berkeley focusing on Security and Cryptography where I was glad to be advised by Raluca Ada Popa. Prior to that I studied mathematics, some physics, and computer science at the University of Cologne and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I participated in the program for gifted high school students and interned at SAP in Karlsruhe, where my advisor was Florian Kerschbaum. In my leisure time I do long-distance running, play the Tuba, and DJ.

I ran a business developing web applications for several years, published the online game Kölschgame, and founded probably the first "cloud" game-server rental platform server-place.de. Furthermore, I was the technical lead for a social soccer discussion website and a deal-of-the-day website.


Prevailing security vulnerabilities and ubiquitous surveillance jeopardize our IT- dependent society. It is therefore key to develop systems that provide provable security and privacy by design. Cryptography is a great tool to achieve this goal. While thus far Cryptography was just about securing communication, today it can be used to secure entire systems. However, there are delicate and complex challenges to solve, as new systems have to be simultaneously highly efficient, highly secure and highly functional. And by efficient I do not mean poly(n). Furthermore these systems need to seamlessly integrate into the existing IT-landscape.


E-Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @tobiasboelter
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